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DSLA Indonesian Law Firm – Best Law firm In Jakarta

Through our best legal consultant team, Daud Silalahi & Lawencon Associates (“DSLA”) is the top Law Firm in Jakarta that offers broad services and provide top-tier legal services that address client business issues and needs.


List of Legal Service Offered by Indonesia Law Firm DSLA

Environmental Law

environmental issues

Our Lawfirm deals with environmental law issues, which can often occur since the planned business activities are designed, during business operations, including after the end of business activities

Corporate and Commercial

business activity

Our Law Firm provide a complete range of services for the continuity of your business activities including assistance to business plan, business activities and business development plans

Energy and Natural Resources

state’s sovereignty over natural resources

The extensive knowledge and network of our legal consulting teams helps business actors including legal analysis, license and permit, legal audit, contract drafting, litigation and legal compliance


assisting human resource management

The dynamic development of labor law arrangements and humanist approaches that are not less important, has become our law firm’s contribution to various business entity

Information Technology & Cyber

understanding of IT development

In most case, the development of technology were not followed by the existing regulation which might cause legal uncertainty and business uncertainty. Our Law Firm is aware of that

Other Services Research

analysis of all fields

In dealing with disruptive economic and legal challenge, our firm also provide various legal services. One of them is legal training


Our Well Relationships

We will highlighting a few features about legal services from our lawfirm and we hope sharing ideas for partnering with you. Let call us and we will handle it all.


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