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Corporate and Commercial

DSLA Services Corporate and Commercial

Speaking of corporate and commercial law, every business activity has various risks that need to be managed in order to guarantee business sustainability. One of the risks that is always attached to business activities is the legal risk. With more than 20 years of experience and sufficient business knowledge in practices, our law firm provide a complete range of services for the continuity of our business activities including assistance to our business plan, business activities and business development plans, including :

Legal consultation regarding the corporate establishment plan, including consultation on the choice of structure and form of business entity

Assisting the company to obtain the relevant business license

Conduct a Legal Due Dilligence (LDD)

Agreement/Contract Analysis, including agreement/contract draft

Conducting Commercial Litigation

Assisting legal analysis of business merger / acquisition plans, including post-business integration

Assist in providing legal advice regarding the fulfillment of obligations in the field of business competition law

Assisting companies relating to labor aspects (see labor services)

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