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Environmental Law

DSLA Services – Environmental Law

Environmental issues has developed significantly in Indonesia in recent year, therefor all stake holders Shall Compliance with Environmental Regulation,  especially business sectors. Environmental legal issues might occur since the planned business activities are designed, during  business operations, including after the end of business activities. The need for environmental legal services is also required by business entity who have been comply with the environmental law, especially due to policy changes that have implications for the continuity of business activities. In assisting various parties to deal with environmental legal issues, with more than 30 years experience, we providing services in the field of environmental law, among others :

To assist in obtaining any environmental permits (and related environmental assessments)

Assisting companies in improving the assessment of PROPER programs

Assisting the development of Corporate Social Responsibility program to be more effective and measurable

Assisting policy makers in conducting an environmental (legal) feasibility analysis (including related provisions) on a business plan

Conduct environmental (legal) audits (may include safety and employment), including conducting environmental audits of technical aspects by working with our partners

Provide a review of various environmental regulations and / or policies on business activities, including analysis of draft regulations and / or policies on the environment (Environmental Law Risk Assessment)

Providing Legal Consultation and / or Opinion related to Environmental Law issues

Provide training in the field of environmental law (may include safety and employment)

Assissting Company to obtain incentive for good environmental management

To assist in the handling of legal disputes in the environmental field (including: administrative, civil, criminal and state administration), including environmental mediation and social and environmental dispute resolution alternatives

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