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Information Technology and Data Protection

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DSLA Services – Information Technology and Data Protection

Technology developments have become part of daily activity. In most case, the development of technology were not followed by the existing regulation which might cause legal uncertainty and business uncertainty.  In addition, the understanding of various provisions relating to information technology from Intellectual Property Rights, Standardization, Domestic Component Obligations, legal provisions relating to the use of social media, software development agreements and so forth is a complex picture of the rules related to information technology. Knowledge that is qualified in the field of Information Technology through partnership with IT Company has given us the advantage in helping companies dealing with the development of information technology and its related legal aspects therein. To help various parties in the field of information technology, then we provide services include :

Drafting and review IT Contract

Establishment of Bussiness entity

Providing proper understanding between technical aspect and legal aspect of IT industries

Assissting dan drafting Code of Conduct and/or Protocol for Internet of Things

Cyber law and Media Law

Assist Registration Of Intellectual Property

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